Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an investor and have questions about your service or portfolio, please contact your Sun Vail

Buyer/Land Owner Questions

Q. What are your office hours?

A. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 1pm-4pm

Q. Are you available for office hours during holidays?

A. We are unavailable for office hours on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Week
  • Christmas Day

Q. What if I want to drop my payment off instead of mailing it? Is it possible to do this?

A. Absolutely. Our drop box is located at 1515 Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas 78667. The box is marked as Sun Vail. This is not our office location and is ONLY for dropping payments off. We do not accept mail here at this address. Do not mail to this address.

Q. What is your mailing address? during holidays?

A. Our mailing address is the following:
P.O. Box 1249
San Marcos, Texas 78667

Q. If a payment is mailed, when is the payment applied to the account?

A. All mailed in payments are applied on the date they are received by our office. They are NOT applied from the date they are mailed.

Q. When I make a payment by mail or drop off, what do I need to include with my payment?

A. All payments need to have an account/reference number with them and/or a payment coupon. Make payments payable as shown on payment coupons.

Q. Is there always someone available to talk to me during office hours?

A. We are available to answer calls during office hours on most days. If you call during office hours and we are on the other line helping a customer, your call will be forwarded to an answering service. They will inform us of your call. We will do our best to call you back during those same office hours. If we are out of the office and unable to be available for phone calls, our answering service will take a message. We will return your call the first business day of our return to office.

Q. My primary language is Spanish. Does someone in your office speak Spanish?

A. At this time no. We recommend getting a translator to make the call for you with a list of questions from you. You will have to be available to give consent during the phone call.

Q. What are the fees for getting documents?

A. As a part of our service, we offer payoff statements, payment history, copies of deeds, and copy of contracts. There is a $15 fee per document for these.